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Nara Lokesh Has A Slip Of Tongue, Again.

Nara Lokesh is known to commit lot of mistakes while speaking in public. Also, Lokesh’s relative inexperience in politics in camparison with his Telangana counterpart  KTR tells on his current style of leadership.

Lokesh is also yet to prove himself as a people’s leader, as he has still not proven himself at the grassroots level by working as an MLA, quite unlike KTR. With regards to general talk among people Lokesh is found to be lacking in leadership skills, quite unlike his father Chandrababu Naidu.

Recently, at an event, Lokesh was found committing two goof-ups in his speech. Lokesh called Andhra Pradesh a country by a slip of his tongue, and also called AP a company.

To quote from his speech, the lines went as following : “In two decades, Andhra Pradesh will be a top state, one of the most highly developed states in the country of Andhra Pradesh.”  Besides, in another of his speeches,  he said, “Andhra Pradesh is the only company to have fiber connection to every household.”

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