Adarsh’s Wife Entered Bigg Boss House!

Adarsh’s wife Gulnar entered the big bass house! Adarsh was shocked to see his wife…  Bigg Boss instructed Adarsh to freeze immediately after his wife Gulnar’s entry. And Bigg Boss asked Gulnar to come out of Bigg Boss house. As Gulnar had nothing to do at that point of time, she kept their son’s photo in Adarsh’s hands and simply walked out of Bigg Boss House… Adarsh was missing his son very badly and Bigg Boss troubled him in this way.

Later Adarsh was ordered to move to the Conference Room… Holding his son’s photo in his hands Adarsh went to the conference room with tears in his eyes.
After Jr. NTR declared that Adarsh is the cause for Prince’s elimination, Adi became depressed. Adarsh asked for the reason of this and NTR didn’t speak out. This made him feel bad.

Adarsh’s mood was bad since Prince’s elimination. During this time Gulnar’s entry into the Bigg Boss house was like a shock to him! Everyone was excited to see what happens during the episode. On the other hand, many Bigg Boss followers are not happy about Prince’s elimination from the show. He is one the strong contestants from the beginning and others like Archana & Deeksha who were in elimination zone many times are still continuing in the show.

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