Is Agnyaathavaasi Issue started again..?

Agnyaathavaasi failed miserably at the box office. The reason behind the failure of Agnyaathavaasi as is widely known is the plagiarism row. Audiences had expected that Agnyaathavaasi would be a blockbuster hit like Athraintiki Daredi. But it was a perfect anti-climax for everyone. Agnyaathavaasi distributors and exhibitors had bought Agnyaathavaasi rights on ‘Non-Refundable Advance Agreement.’ Under the deal, the makers remain in the safe zone and they don’t have to pay them if producers incurred losses. Dil Raju said “If it had been sold for Rs 60 or 70 crore, the losses would have been manageable and buyers wouldn’t have staked a claim for refund. As the losses crossed the Rs 90 crore mark, the losses have mounted and become unmanageable.” The buyers have demanded that the filmmakers pay up Rs 20 Cr if they wanted them to withdrew the case filed at the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce.

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