16 Years Old Harshit Sharma Designed Google Icon


The 16-year-old student of Chandigarh has been selected by Google Giant for designing google icon design. The name of this 16-year-old student is Harshit Sharma. Harshit has passed 12th standard from Government Model Senior Secondary School (GMSSS)  in August he will now leave for America.


On this special occasion, a special program will be conducted and company will give training to the young boy, and his salary will be 4 lakh rupees per month. After completion of training, Harshit’s per month salary will be Rs. 12 lakhs.This information was released by government officials. Google has asked him to join in August), 16-year-old Harshit, who lives in Mathana, belongs to .  the Kurukshetra (Haryana), He used to reside along with his uncle Deera-Bassi.

Harshit quoted that he was searching for online jobs. I applied for this job in May and also has an online interview. I have been interested in graphic designing since last 10 years. Based on the poster I designed, my selection was made.

Family of joy

Harshit’s parents are teachers. His younger brother is studying in the 10th class all my family members were deeply delighted for my achievement.Harshit’s teachers do not even get tired of praising them. DeepKiran, a teacher of GMSSS, says that Harshit is a brilliant student and I’m feeling proud to be his teacher. Principal Inder Beniwal of the school said that Harshit is an all-rounder. He has brightened the name of the school and won accolades from the school management.

Prime Minister’s Reign

Inder Beniwal said that Harshit received a reward of Rs 7,000 under the Prime Minister’s Digital India Scheme. The school got the status of Smart School in 2016. Harshit has helped his teachers in many technical programs as he posses knack of technology.


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