Coconut Sized Tumor Removed from Woman’s Head

A 35 year old Iraqi woman, wizdan khadim, has  a new lease of life from two years of pain, after doctors at fortis hospital in Bengaluru successfully removed a cocnut sized tumor from her head.
Doctors in Iraq had rated very low the post sugery survival chances and referred her to india. The tumor measured 8*7*6 cubic cm took 10hrs to operate.
The pain that started with frequent headaches, slowly spread to her ears and then to the right side of her body, Fortis Hospital said. After bearing the pain for almost two years, Wizdan could not recollect names, her speech slurred and she suffered from mobility impairment. There were risks of loss of vision in the left eye, given the size of tumor. It took us more than 10 hours to operate and remove it.

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