Anand Mahindra Feels Uplifted By An Inspiring Video.

Mahindra Chairman Anand Mahindra has said that he has felt uplifted by an inspiring video which he watched on twitter. The video shows a very young boy without limbs trying to climb stairs and slide himself over a garden slide.

The video contains a clip where the boy’s sister, a child with limbs, is seen playing normally while the boy without limbs makes great attempts to climb the stairway to the slide, working his way up by climbing one step at a time.

The video conveys the message that nothing is impossible if you try hard. Also, it conveys the message “never give up”. This video can make you emotional & inspired at the same time. Besides, the video also has a hidden message – that, one shouldn’t cry or feel sad at their own circumstances, and keep moving ahead with resolve.

In the video, the child’s mother is heard constantly encouraging her child and even offering to help at times. However, the child refuses any offer for help and insists that he would do it on his own, which goes on to show that he believes in his own abilities.

This video is now getting quite popular on social media.

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