Indian Army’s Experience While Conducting Surgical Strikes Inside Pak Occupied Kashmir.

The Indian army had conducted surgical strikes against terrorist launch pads inside Pakistan Occupied Kashmir in September last year. The surgical strike killed more than 40 terrorists and also left 2 soldiers of the Pakistan army dead.


The surgical strikes of September 2016 are an event that every Indian will proudly remember. A new book titled “India’s Most Fearless – True Stories of Modern Military Heroes” describes the surgical strikes inside PoK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir).


Authored by Shiv Aroor and Rahul Singh, the book describes the surgical strikes at great length & in detail. Describing the mission, the book states that the authority to lead the mission was vested with Major Mike Tango. Major Tango then also chose the men that he would lead on the mission from the “Ghatak platoon”.


The book also details the kind of weapons used by Major Tango & his men. While Major Tango was using the M4A1 5.56 mm Carbine, his soldiers used the Israeli Tavor TAR-21 assault rifle. Night vision devices were also made available on priority for Major Tango & his men, along with satellite communication devices.


The targets to attack & destroy were identified and finalized by the Intelligence Bureau and the Research & Analysis Wing. The units that were to go on this mission were given intense training on cross border combat by the army. The soldiers were all keen to avenge the killing of their 19 fellow soldiers in Uri.


According to Major Mike Tango, the entire batch of soldiers on the mission was divided into 3 units. The 3 units attacked & destroyed the four identified terrorist launch pads.


Major Tango also gives his personal account of the event saying that the event was extremely difficult, laden with danger all along. He elaborates that any of our soldiers in the team could have been harmed or killed, because the terrorist launch pads were under the protection of the Pakistani army. The Major also elaborates that the team conducted the surgical strikes in such a manner through the night that they could return to the Indian territory by 4:30 a.m or 5 a.m.


Major Mike Tango says that any delay, and the result would have been that they would have had to travel through the enemy territory & re-enter India at dawn or a little post dawn, which means, the daylight could have helped the Pak army soldiers to track their movements & kill them.


The book recounts the accounts of the soldiers of the mission, some of which say that the hostile Pak army’s soldiers fired bullets which passed very closely by the side of their ears.


The team on the mission also said that they employed a smart strategy by choosing a different route to return to India than what they had chosen to enter the enemy territory in PoK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir). According to Major Tango, though the route at the time of return was difficult in terms of terran, it was much better and safer in order to evade & dodge any potential counterattacks.


The team that went on the mission to conduct the surgical strikes says that the time of return after conducting the surgical strikes was among the most difficult parts to have endured.


Paying rich tributes to this accomplishment by the Indian Army, the book “India’s Most Fearless – True Stories of Modern Military Heroes” surely seems to be a promising read for every Indian!

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