People Facing Problems With New 200 & 50 Rupee Notes.

The new 200 Rupee notes and 50 rupee notes are now in circulation across cities. The 200 rupee note was particularly introduced to reduce the public’s dependence and the requirement for higher denomination notes.

However, though the notes are in circulation, on the ground, the situation is quite different. Though the notes have been sent to various cities for circulation by the RBI, they don’t seem to be reaching people in sufficient members. For instance, in the city of Hyderabad, only very few people have seen or got the new notes.

Moreover, shopkeepers & traders are quite hesitant to accept these new notes for the fear of their genuineness and unawareness about their security features. People are reportedly sticking to the old variant of 50 Rupee notes and also less of the 200 Rupee notes for the above reasons.

Traders, shopkeepers & small scale businessmen are seeking for the government to address their concerns by also issuing clear information about the security features & genuineness of these notes.

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