Study Finds India To Be The Among Country With Most Corrupt Political Leaders.

A study has found India to be among those countries with the most number of corrupt politicians. The study’s findings followed the Supreme Court’s directions to Central Board of Direct Taxes to initiate legal proceedings against those politicians who were found to be corrupt.

An organization named “Lok Prahari” had filed a petition in Supreme Court seeking action against corrupt politicians who amass disproportionate wealth, following which, the court directed the CBDT to prosecute erring politicians.

The CBDT immediately complied with the supreme court’s directions and told the court that it would initiate & conclude legal action against corrupt netas at the earliest possible.

Currently, the lens is on 26 Lok Sabha MPs, 11 Rajya Sabha MPs, and 250 MLAs. India has developed a dubious reputation where politicians amass unaccounted wealth at lightning speed.


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