Virat Kohli Is Feeling Proud For Victory .

The third Test match between India and Sri Lanka team took its name from the first innings and 171 runs took its name with this win, India’s 3-0 series. The team made history clean sweep of 3-0 on the same soil of Sri Lanka. Apart from this, India has won the last two matches with an innings and runs. India has won their last five matches in Sri Lanka. With this victory, Team India has made several records.

After defeating Sri Lanka 3-0 in the three-match Test series, the Indian team cleared Sri Lanka. With this win, India made a record for a clean sweep on foreign soil for the first time. This is the first time in the 3 match series that Team India has won all the matches on foreign soil. Team India had never before been able to clean sweep on foreign soil. But in the captaincy of Kohli, India defeated Sri Lanka 3-0 to make this achievement their name.

The team India has cleaned the hosts Sri Lanka and this is 11 years later when a guest team has managed to clean the hosts. Earlier in 2006, Australia’s team defeated South Africa 3-0 to beat them on their soil. Since then no team has been able to beat the opposing team by visiting foreign countries, but in the captaincy of Kohli, India has done this big role.With the defeat of Sri Lanka 3-0, India has become the second country in the world to beat Sri Lanka . Before India, Australia defeated Sri Lanka 3-0. Australia defeated Sri Lanka 3-0 in their own country in 2004. Now 13 years later, Team India has defeated Sri Lanka 3-0 in their own country and this big achievement has become their name, and this has become the only country in the world to do so.

India has a lot more to play in Sri Lanka. Now Team India is invincible in the last 5 Test matches in Sri Lanka and has managed to win every match. India had earlier won both the matches after losing the Gal Test on the tour and after that, they have won all three matches in 2017. In this way, Team India has won its last five matches in Sri Lanka.India has become the first country to beat Sri Lanka in its two consecutive innings and by the difference of runs India won the second match of the three-match Test series by an innings and 53 runs and then the team got their name from the third match with an innings and 171 runs. At the same time, Sri Lanka has become the first country to beat their own land by an innings in two consecutive time

In the captaincy of Virat Kohli, the Indian team has now won 7 Test matches on foreign soil. Having left behind Dhoni, he has become India’s second most successful captain overseas. In the captaincy of Virat, Team India has played 13 matches abroad, out of which 7 have won. In the captaincy of Dhoni, India also won 6 out of 30 matches played abroad. While Virat did the same in Dhoni’s 12th match on foreign soil. The Indian record of winning most matches overseas is in the name of former captain Sourav Ganguly, whose captain won 11 matches.

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