Maha Shivratri:Story Of Lord Shiva…!!


Lord Shiva is the destroyer, the creator and the protector. He is considered as the Supreme Being the one with immense power that exists through the universe,Maha shivratri  is an auspicious Hindu festival celebrated in the honour of lord we know the reason behind the celebration of Maha shivratri? Several versions of stories are given, describing the origin of this festival.According to one, when earth was facing a major destruction, goddess Parvati pleaded him to save the world, listening to her prayers he agreed to save the people from the deluge. Since then the night was celebrated as Mahashivratri,shivapurana tells the story of Shiva. Once the two gods Vishnu and Brahma were fighting over the supremacy, who holds the superior position. Lord Shiva had to intervene to make them realize the futility of their fight. There was no result of this unnecessary fight and he revealed his true self. Since it was the 14th day of the month of Phalguna that Shiva took the form of a linga, the day was considered auspicious and was considered as a day to celebrate Shivratri.Another reason for its celebration is also the marriage of lord Shiva and goddess Parvati. It is believed that ardent devotees who worship him on this day are bestowed with prosperity, happiness and luck.

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