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Chandrababu Naidu Says PM Is A Hollow Man Who Spends A Tonne Of Money

N Chandrababu Naidu Sunday dubbed Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a “hollow” man who has “done nothing” for the country.

He also accused the Modi government of “denying” special category status to Andhra Pradesh, despite promising it in parliament.

Mr Naidu said PM Modi did nothing even for his home state Gujarat as its chief minister for 12 years, but made everyone believe he did “great things”.

“We all believed this. The whole country believed this but were left cheated”, the chief minister said in a continued diatribe against PM Modi.” The Prime Minister had been campaigning that there was no great leader than him, he alleged, adding “but he is no good”.

Mr Naidu also alleged PM Modi was seeking to blackmail everyone using “muscle power” and spending “tonnes and tonnes of money” to win elections.

“There are grammar mistakes in the sealed cover (presented by the centre in the Rafale case) to the Supreme Court. What do you call them? They are teaching grammar to the SC… What is the difference between a sealed cover and an actual cover? What credibility they have?” he questioned.

He also said the Prime Minister did not have the right to talk about anything in the country.

Referring to Gujarat, Mr Naidu said Telangana had a better per capita income than Gujarat.

“What justice did Modi do to Gujarat, being its CM for 12 years? Telangana is ahead of Gujarat in terms of per capita income. Soon, AP too would overtake it”, he claimed.

It was only out of fear that Andhra Pradesh would overtake Gujarat in all respects that the Modi government was denying special category status to the state, though promised in parliament, Mr Naidu alleged, adding that the provisions of the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act too were not being implemented.

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