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Its High Time Pawan Kalyan Goes to The Grassroot Levels

Janasena President Pawan Kalyan seems to over-estimating himself. Pawan Kalyan is criticizing the Government for making Panchayat System Redundant and is also taking pot-shots on the government for appointing officials to Panchayat in the place of Sarpanches while not going for elections.

Janasenani says the Ruling Party is fearing a defeat in the hands of Janasena party if the Panchayat Elections are held today. But then, Pawan Kalyan seems to be living in dream world on this claim. Janasena could not even identify half of the candidates that it can field in 2019 elections. Except for Godavari districts and to some extent Uttarandhra, the party is clearly struggling even to identify the candidates. Janasena so far had only announced a Single Candidate. Meanwhile, if Panchayat elections are held today, the biggest loser will be Janasena Party with no leadership at the Grassroot levels. Forget winning, the party will find it extremely tough even to field the candidates in a quarter of all Panchayats in the State. We have seen how a relatively inexperienced YSR Congress struggle in the 2014 Panchayat Elections. Janasena Position will be even tough if Pawan Kalyan does not wake up and strengthen the party from the Village Level.

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