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Modi’s Attack On Chandrababu Naidu

In a highly charged atmosphere ahead of the Assembly elections the state, Prime Minister Narendra Modi came down heavily against AP Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu in his politically-motivated speech at Guntur today. Picking on the TDP Chief and making personal attacks on him, the Prime Minister said: “he is a backstabber who led a coup against his own father-in-law and made several U-turns on his political stands.”

Criticising the Congress, Modi said the people (Congress) who left the country in tatters and in scams, today, these people are set to destroy the nation. “Unfortunately, AP Chief Minister is also competing with these forces to abuse Modi, by forgetting AP’s progress and development,” he added. “Chandrababu Naidu promised that AP’s infrastructure will turnaround. But, he himself took a U-turn. He said he will build Amaravati from scratch. Now, he is trying to build his own empire. He has forgotten Sunrise of AP state. Now,  he is now focussing on his ‘Son-rise’ (Lokesh’s political growth),” Modi elaborated. 

“He said he will introduce welfare schemes. But, he put and copied PM’s welfare schemes. What is wrong with Chandrababu? I don’t understand why he keeps claiming he is senior politician? So what?, he questioned the CM, continuing his attack on Chandrababu Naidu that “You are senior and that’s why I haven’t done any less or never gave you less respect. You are senior in changing political stands, you are senior at backstabbing your own father-in-law, you are senior because you keep losing election after election and now, you are senior because you keep going to our political enemies and make friends with them immediately.”

Let me tell you, Modi said, “Your seniority is not important, you are losing your respect because you are not fulfilling your promises. Are you respecting NTR or are you even valuing him? Didn’t you promise NTR to follow his path? TDP has vowed to create Congress-mukht Bharat. But, now it is going behind them. NTR’s aatma will be repenting. Lokesh’s father has lost his way. He is running away from truths and he is scared. He is constantly lying and it means there is something fishy about it,” Modi alleged, stating that he will reveals truths one by one.  

“Truth 1 – He could not win elections. He is scared that he will lose.

 Truth 2 – Bringing his son into politics.

 Truth 3 – Self-wealth creation is scaring him.

Truth 4 – He is scared of ‘Chowkidaar’ Modi,” he said. “AP Chief Minister is part of Mahaghatbandhan for his own selfish reasons.

All the politicians in that club are doing everything for self-wealth creation and forgetting about the welfare of the poor. Chandrababu is siphoning off funds of Amaravati and Polavaram and creating his own wealthy empire,” he mentioned.

In between the Speech, Narendra Modi asked Kanna Lakshminarayana, “who is spending for this BJP meeting?” Kanna replied it is from party’s fund. “I went to a government function which was held in a small room and that was the only expenditure. Tomorrow, he (Chandrababu) is going there as publicity stunt (for photo-ops). He is spending taxpayers’ money for his Deeksha. This is the difference between BJP and TDP.  So, Babu, before you come back to AP, tell people about the money you are spending. Stop scolding BJP. Because, you guys from AP tell me, ‘Go Back Modi,’ I will go back to Delhi and win again to be the Prime Minister,” he said, sarcastically, saying people of India will make him sit in Delhi again. 

Commenting on the Central government’s assistance to Andhra Pradesh, Narendra Modi said: “Centre is giving everything to AP in terms of financial assistance. But, this AP Government is not informing its people about the money it gets from the Centre. They are cheating you, the people of Andhra Pradesh,” he said, without talking about Kapada Steel Plant, Visakhapatnam Railway Zone, Backward region package or any other promises mentioned in the Act.  

“When United Andhra Pradesh happened due to the decision of the Congress, they did it for their selfish reasons and got routed. But, today, TDP has surrendered to the Congress today. After Congress, we created a special assistance package which is equal to all the benefits a state with Special Category Status gets,” he said, alleging that the TDP has taken a U-turn without properly being able to utilise this Centre’s financial assistance. 

However, political observers say that Modi has not made any promises or announcements which people of Andhra Pradesh have expected. They also opine that a Prime Minister making personal attacks on a Chief Minister brings down the stature of the PM’s position. What is also surprising is Narendra Modi’s complete silence on YSR Congress and Jana Sena. On the whole, the PM’s speech was more of a political motivation rather than a speech made by a person in PM’s stature. 

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