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Pawan’s Secret Meet With Kapu Biggies With Huge Entry Fee

Pawan Kalyan, not the virtuous politician that he claims to be? The latest sting operation by a popular Telugu news channel casts dark clouds on Pawan’s honesty and transparency in politics. Going by a sting operation carried out by Mahaa news channel, Pawan met with around 150 powerful big shots hailing from the Kapu community last night. The secret meeting was held at a star hotel in Hyderabad. What’s shocking is that each guest had ‘contributed’ 10 lakhs as an entry fee. shocking footage aired by Reputated News Channel revealed Pawan Kalyan’s auditor Ratnam collecting cash, cheques and personal info from all the attendees. Most of the guests are influential people with an industrialist backdrop. Some of them even flew down from Singapore and Malaysia to meet Pawan Kalyan Whether there is any quid pro understanding made is yet unclear. Needless to say that Pawan, who claims to be a man of no caste prejudice, meeting the Kapu honchos made everyone raise fingers at his morality.

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