Chrome 71 To Block All Ads On Sites That Serve Abusive Experiences

Google has now announced that it will block all ads on a webpage, if it finds that the page consistently shows abusive ads. This is Google’s new attempt to reducing intrusive and misleading ads on the Internet that often lead to malicious websites and steal personal information as well. Google has confirmed that it will begin blocking all ads on sites that list abusive ads from December this year. It will introduce this functionality with Chrome 71.

Google says that Chrome 71 will remove all ads on the sites that consistently show abusive experiences. Chrome 71 will start rolling out from December, and the tech giant will give site owners a 30-day window to fix experiences flagged by them before Chrome begins to remove ads. As a fair explainer, Google will publish an Abusive Experience Report to let site owners see if any abusive experiences are there on their site, and needs to be corrected or removed. that abusive experiences include fake messages, unexpected click areas on a site or ad, misleading site behaviour, phishing, auto redirect without any user intervention, malware or unwanted software, and ads or page elements that resemble a moving or clicking mouse pointer that attempt to trick a user into interacting with it. This abusive site filtering feature will be enabled by default with Chrome 71, but users can disable it by going to their Chrome Settings.

This isn’t the first step by Google to make the user experience of web browsing safer with Chrome. In July, Google released Chrome 68 and introduced the ability to prevent sites from opening new tabs or windows if it found them to be serving abusive experiences as well.

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