Allu Arjun Follows Superstar Mahesh Babu FootSteps

Recently Mahesh Babu has partnered with Asian Cinemas and came up with “AMB” multiplex. As the project got inaugurated, the mind-blowing interior design of the luxury theatre has simply blown many minds in Tollywood. even Allu Arjun got smitten by the multiplex fantasy now. Though his father Allu Arvind owns many single screen theatres in AP and Telangana, now Bunny wants a special “AA” theatre like how Mahesh got it. And he has been pushing a deal for that. Sunil Narang of Asian Cinemas has partnered with Mahesh Babu for AMB Theater and now Allu Arjun wants this person to offer him the same deal for the rebuilding of famous Satyam Theatre in Ameerpet. Located near Mythrivanam, this largest single screen was rumbled to ground a few months ago. If all goes well, Asian and Allu Arjun might team up to build ‘AAA Cinemas’ there. that marks the third business for Allu Arjun after he owned shared in clubbing business Jubilee 800 and eatery B-Dubs in Hyderabad.

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