Bigg Boss 2 Nani In Danger Zone

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Bigg Boss season 2 is not only testing the endurance of the housemates but also the tenacity of its host, Natural star Nani. It has been a rollercoaster ride for Nani till now. He has handled some episodes well and has come underprepared for some episodes.Of late, his hosting is going as per the wishes of the show’s organizers, which is earning Nani the wrath of public. Nani is being trolled and abused on social media as he is playing a pivotal role in cornering of the ‘crowd favorite’ contestant Kaushal. There are times when Nani supported Kaushal, but of late he has been constantly overlooking the mistakes of other housemates and highlighting every little issue about Kaushal, which is the reason for the public outrage. Nani should have taken a neutral stance and seen the game from his point of view rather trusting the TRP hungry show organizers and clueless script writers. his busy schedules didn’t give enough time for Nani to self analyze the game and host the show accordingly. With emotions flying high, Nani is going to face a tough challenge as the host this weekend. Kaushal has had a few slip of the tongue moments and also broke some rules in this week so far. Other housemates too did some grave mistakes like targeting Kaushal all the time. Tanish lost his cool and threatened Kaushal multiple times. Nani will have to handle this pre-finale weekend without hurting the emotions of public. Bigg Boss organizers would exert pressure on him to dance to their tunes to make the final week spicy.With his film Devadas slated for release next Friday, Nani cannot risk of going against the public sentiments now.

It would be interesting to see how Nani strikes a balance as the host.

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