Biggboss2:Babu Gogineni Controversy Comments On Tejaswi

The big boss began to grip over the fourth episode of Season 2.
Cheppandi ‘Prabhu’ is the luxury budget task owner and staff. While on the other hand, the first celebrity of the big bass house was Danger bells coming to the Elimination Zone? Who wins the luxury budget task? The Big Boss Season 2 episode 4 began on Wednesday with interesting ones. Sanjana, who was released from the Big Boss jail, was a fashion show performance in swimming pools.. As part of the task, Sanjana, Kaushal servants were given the ‘Jambalakudi Pamba’ tasks for women and men like men and women. The first acquaintance programs were held as part of the Cheppandi Prabhu Concept. I’m unethical I’m not partisan on the fashion show I feel unethical to show my body to others. That’s why I did nottook This task ‘jumbalaki pamba’. Big boss gave a new twist to owners of the luxury budget task. The owners started the game systematically led by Babu Gogineni. Sanjana, Tanishq, Tejaswini, Kaushik, Geeta Madhuri, Samrat, Sunaina and Ganesh are engaged in serving the employers who have become servants. According to the order of the employers, the Big Boss House ordered Tejasvi to be silent Untill They Give Permission to Talk, The most difficult one is to silence yours.Keeriti Damaraju standing in front of the mirror and crying out of the audience, knowing why he was crying. the role of today’s episode ended with the creation of a big drama, Who will win in the battle of tomorrow’s episode owners and servicemen? The luxury budget is what everyone wants.

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