Boyapati Srinu Gave Clarity About Mokshagna Film

the acting debut of Mokshagna, the fourth generation star kid from the Nandamuri family, has been a hottest topic of discussion among fans and the media. Mokshagna was supposed to make his acting debut with a key role in Aditya 369’s sequel. Aditya 369 sequel was shleved and Mokshagna’s acting debut was later linked to Gautamiputra Satakarni. But, much to fans disappointment, Balakrishna decided not to cast Mokshu in the film.

there have been numerous rumours about mass action entertainers specialist Boyapati Srinu directing Mokshagna’s debut film. during Vinaya Vidheya Rama’s promotions, Boyapati Srinu clarified that he is not directing Mokshu’s debut film. “If I direct Mokshagna’s debut film, expectations among fans will be sky high and it’s not good for the film. So, some other director will direct Mokshu’s launchpad project first, and I will direct him sometime later,” Boyapati revealed.

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