Do You Know How Mahesh Babu Quit Smoking..? By Reading This

Mahesh Babu might be taking a leaf from great personalities to get settled while everything is under control. Mahesh Babu is constantly chasing his dreams and giving inspiration goals to his millions of fans around the world. A few days back, Mahesh Babu tried his hands on a different genre by stepping into the business world. He started AMB Cinemas which is a joint venture between Mahesh Babu and the Asian Cinemas.

Mahesh Babu will debut as a producer for the film titled ‘Major’ which will feature Adivi Sesh in lead. Mahesh Babu has been making a mark on the audience with his impeccable choice of characters.he is shooting for ‘Maharshi’ which is in its last leg of shooting. Finally, Mahesh Babu fans are happy that ‘Maharshi’ is going to release it on the promised date, April-25.Mahesh Babu used to be a smoker during his 20’s. In those days, Mahesh Babu used to smoke two to three boxes.

Mahesh Babu has changed his habits after marrying his girlfriend Namrata who is now a doting wife and mother to Gautam and Sitara. The story didn’t end well, Mahesh Babu has become a gentleman after his kids stepped into his world. Now, Mahesh Babu has become a smoke-free person. Did you know how it happened? Are you thinking Namrata is behind Mahesh Babu quitting smoking? Then your guesses would be wrong. If reports are to go by, Mahesh Babu’s friend gifted him a book called ‘Easy Way to Stop Smoking’. The author of the book is Allen Carr. After reading it Mahesh Babu has totally changed. It is being speculated that Namrata believed to be forever indebted to Mahesh’s real friend.

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