Finally Tejaswi Madivada And Samrat Reddy Appears Together

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The romance we have seen on small screen when it comes to small time actors Samrat Reddy and Tejaswi Madivada is projected as friendship. Later on, they stopped expressing their public display of affection. It was evident when #BigBoss2 was running that Samrat got warned by his mother about what audiences are thinking regarding his camaraderie with Tejaswi. And later, the couple didn’t appear or posed together even at other parties after the show got wrapped. Samrat and Tejaswi posed together after a long time, when the former attended the Diwali bash hosted by the actress at her house. He is followed by Tanish and Deepthi Sunaina as well. Posing with Samrat and Tanish, Tejaswi captioned it as ‘my boys’. while the stark irony is that after #BigBoss2 got wrapped, they are living their own life and playing their own tasks, without someone giving them tasks, punishments, and eliminations.

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