Katrina Kaif Avoids Ranbir Kapoor ‘s Mom…

what happens when Katrina Kaif bumps into ex-boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor’s mother Neetu Kapoor? We wouldn’t know because apparently the 34-year-old actress dodged a chance encounter with Neetu recently. According to a report in SpotBoye, Katrina and Neetu happened to be at the same building in Juhu at the same time on Tuesday, when the Tiger Zinda Haiactress spotted Neetu exiting the elevator and returned inside the sports bar she was rehearsing at. “Katrina Kaif saw Neetu Kapoor coming out of the lift and she just rushed back inside the sports bar, where she was rehearsing. It was pretty clear that she wanted to avoid a face off,” SpotBoye quoted a source as saying.The source added that it’s not sure if Neetu spotted Katrina, who was already on her way back. “Not very sure if Neetu noticed Ranbir’s ex-flame but Katrina did see Neetu walking her way, and she quickly changed tracks, to avoid bumping into her,” SpotBoye quoted the source as adding. Katrina waited for Neetu to pass and then quickly left the building. On her way out, she even requested the paparazzi to not photograph her..

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