Media Forcing Rajamouli To Reveal RRR Details

Filmmakers usually enjoy the speculations and gossips on their films, as that keeps them and their film on the news until they are ready to reveal the facts or updates. A giant filmmaker like Rajamouli may not be an exception from that, but of late his large-scale filmmaking and hype around it seems to trouble his work.

Rajamouli’s Baahubali’s leaked pictures, rumors about star cast and even the most famous ‘why Kattappa killed Baahubali’ gave the movie an added advantage of being on news for years, though his promotions were crucial then. But, Rajamouli is heard to be annoyed with unwanted stories and cooked up versions on media about RRR backdrop.

While Rajamouli chose to keep every bit of information linked to RRR under wraps as he wanted to maintain the suspense elements of RRR, these nuisance stories are heard to be forcing him to feed the enthusiasts with at least a minimal update now and then.

The writings about NTR’s chubby look with a hundred-kilo target and the backdrop of the pre-independence era may not be true and above that, these hypotheses make a hazard to actual story from connecting to the audience.

Rajamouli is heard to be thinking on rubbishing the rumors like he used to do earlier from his social media handle. We will soon know that if Rajamouli tweets strike the unwanted rumors forever.

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