Samantha Replaced Kajal Aggarwal But Why?


Whether you call it boring, over the board or a great work, you can’t ignore this particular thing coming up on your television sets most of the time. And now, it is queen bee Samantha’s turn to ask that most heard question. One of the most popular ads in India like those Fevicol and Hutch ads is that Colgate Active Salt ad. The line ‘Me Toothpaste lo Uppu vunda’ (Is there salt in your toothpaste) became so famous that there are hundreds of jokes, memes and comedy skits around it. And then, here goes the Samantha connection. we have seen the likes of Trisha, Kajal, Priyanka Chopra, Kareena Kapoor asking for that salt in toothpaste and now there are two fresh faces doing it. While Anushka Sharma will ask the North Indian audiences, Samantha is going to question the south audiences for it. only thing missing in Samantha’s TVC is that her Telugu voice is dubbed by someone other than Chinmayi. If that popular singer has given voice, then surely it would have sounded more appealing. Okay Samantha, our toothpaste has salt, and you’re very sweet in the ad!!

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