Taxiwala Is Remake Of Hollywood Movie

When Agnyaathavasi teaser released, they said it is a rip of Largo Winch and when DevaDasu came they said it is freemake of Analyse This. On both occasions, they have succeeded. On social media, especially on Twitter timelines, these days news is getting scrolled faster than on TVs. Cut to our topic, with the trailer of Taxiwala coming out, now the concept of ‘ghost in a car’ is being discussed vividly. Apparently, some netizens feel that the film got its inspiration from a bunch of movies. Hindi film ‘Tarzan: The Wonder Car’ that released in 2004 looks close to Taxiwala theme, while Nayanthara’s latest movie ‘Dora’ also got the concept of a car possessed by a ghost. But Twitterati is saying that Taxiwala has more of its storyline inspired by 1983 Hollywood film ‘Christine’, whose story is same as the one shown by makers in the trailer of this Vijay Devarakonda’s film. in Taxiwala, the ghostly car has a past in the form of Malavika Nair, while in Christine there is no such past. And only when Taxiwala releases, we will come to know if it has that Hollywood film’s shades or not.

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