Vinaya Vidheya Rama Review And Rating

four orphans and their daily struggles for livelihood. These orphan boys find an infant boy and vows to raise him as a brother. Ram Charan makes entry with a heavy duty fighting scene. “Ek Baar Ek Baar” song follows with some decent dance moves. Charan annoys a powerful man Pandem Parasuran for his brother Prashanth who is a strict election officer. For Charan his four brothers mean everything. Charan and Kiara set for the arranged marriage.

Meanwhile, Charan’s brother Prasanth (Election Officer) gets transferred to Bihar. hassadiyya” song is a visual feast on screen. Right from Ram Charan’s styling, sets and choreography everything is just perfect and adds to the energetic number. Konidela Rama Vs Pandem Parasuram leads Rama’s family into a big trouble. After a heavy action block, there’s a hint about Rama’s flashback. It’s time for the interval.

second half begins revealing the issues of a place in Bihar. “Rama Loves Sita” is a typical dancing number. Nothing great as promoted. Baddie Vivek Oberai enters the scene. He is taking the revenge in Rama’s brothers and other police officers. Rama comes for brothers rescuing. All we get to see is non stop, never ending fighting sequences with no real or meaningful narrative. Ram Charan’s beastly transformation adds no value to the film. The much advertised Azerbaijan action sequence only adds to the injury.

Overall It’s a One Time Watchable Movie

Rating 3/5

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