What Happened To Pawan kalyan’s Ex-wife Renu Desai..?

Renu Desai, actress and producer and also ex-wife of power star Pawan Kalyan. The gossip is that she has not been keeping well for quite some time.

This has come to light following a report that a Telugu producer had approached Renu Desai to request her to act in his film in a mother’s character. the producer thought she would bring a lot of mileage to the film if she returns to the Telugu film industry again, as she still had a lot of craze among the audiences.

Renu Desai had rejected the offer on the ground that she had not been keeping good health for quite some time and she badly needed complete rest. So, the producer had dropped the proposal. producer had a good acquaintance with Renu Desai and she would have agreed to his request at least for the sake of their friendship. But she had to turn down the proposal because she was really not well.

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