Why Did Nikhil Deleted Tweet On Vijay Devarakonda..Look Inside


gultieNikhil seemed to have criticized Vijay’s last night’s social media post about his haters. Vijay’s fans began attacking Nikhil with harsh language, calling him insecure and jealous of Vijay’s success and fan base. It looks like Nikhil felt the heat and tried to do some damage control. He deleted his controversial tweet and tried to play safe with another tweet, which again boomeranged big time and he had to delete it too. Deleting my previous tweet because it wasn’t meant against anyone or anybody,”  further adding that he has realised that everything can be twisted into anything. Vijay’s fans again attacked Nikhil, saying that if he really wanted to make a point, he should have stuck to his opinion instead of deleting it or changing it without fear.

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