Why Kaushal Manda Is Confused..?

kaushal confuse

On the third day I’ve come out of “Big Boss” house, I’ve got a call from Prime Minister’s Office congratulating me for Big Boss win. Actually, my father picked up the call as I’m away for shooting” during his interaction with a leading news channel. And that has set a series of other unbelievable revelations from the #BigBoss2 winner. Kaushal” revealed that he got a call from Guinness Book Of Records, but unlike earlier where he claimed that 40 crores people voted for him, now he is saying that Star MAA didn’t reveal the figure to him but some YouTube channels published the figures. And then he added that a university is actually giving him a doctorate. but why is he getting a doctorate, just for winning a reality show? “That question, the people who are giving me will answer you when they confer the doctorate to me, Looks like he is losing the game as he loses the grip on the words he’s saying. Kaushal neither saved 100 people from drowning, nor he made lives of 1000s of people happier by his acts. He’s just part of a reality show and like many cinema stars, he too got fans.  doesn’t mean PMO will call him to appreciate. Stop making fun of yourself Kaushal. One thing is for sure, the big unexpected stardom is confusing him and he’s taking all the nonsense.

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