Kulfi And Jalebi Sundae Recipe-How To Make Kulfi And Jalebi Sundae..!!

When sweets and cream are mixed together, you get a sweet sweet throughout the glass! It is a unique but quick dessert, where the Jalebi and Faluda sew is placed on the cream of ice cream and a happy rose syrup is inserted. This Kulfi and Jalebi Sunday is enough for those who like to eat indigenous food, which makes guests lure with their delicious flavor and aroma!
Preparation time: 5 minutes Cook time: 0 minutes Total time: 5 minutes for 2 glasses
1 cup creamy pieces of Kulfi
4 table-spoon soaked falda sav
2 jalebi, broken into pieces
2 t-spoon rose syrup
4 T-Spoon Puffed vegetables
Keep 1/2 cups of kalfi pieces in a serving glass and keep half jalebi pieces.
2 tablespoon Faluda save, 1 t-spoon rose syrup and 2 t-spoon soaked vegetables.
Repeat the law no. 1 and 2 cups and make 1 glass.
Serve immediately.

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