Ratna Bhandar Grih Of Jagannath Temple To Be Inspected After 34 Years..?

The treasury of the famous Jagannath temple of Odisha built in the 12th century will be opened once again on Wednesday (April 4th). A team of 10 people will be in the basement to visit this treasure house. For the sake of not having any kind of mischief in the treasure, the team which will be sent to the basement by the administration, will wear only the underwear. Aside from inspection of the basement, this team will inspect its walls, roof and physical condition properly.
Giving details about the temple’s chief administrative officer, Pradip Jena said that at the time when the treasure house will be opened, no devotee can enter the temple. He said that the name of the house of treasure is the Ratn Bhandar Gruh. Jena said that the team includes two experts from the Archaeological Survey of India, the team inspecting the Ratna Bhandar Gruh has been allowed to see only the building. He said that the team will not be able to open any box of gemstone store and will not be able to handle anything.
Jena told that the teams who are going to inspect the Ratna bhandar gruh they will be searched both the times I.e. at the time of their arrival and departure. He said that all the members of the team will have to undergo three-tier tests before entering the treasury. During this time only the officials will be able to get the oxygen cylinder and torch.
According to Jena, snakes have been found many times earlier in the Ratna bhandar gruh therefore, a snake catcher have been summoned by the administrative authorities to avoid any danger. It is notable that earlier this year the treasury was inspected in 1984. At that time only three cells of the treasury were opened. It is said that precious jewels of gods are kept in this treasure.
On March 26, the external part of the Ratna bhandar gruh was inspected Earlier, after the order of the Odisha High Court on Monday (March 26th), the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) inspected the position of the outer part of the. This is the store house of Sri Jagannath temple jewelery. ASI Joint Director Himadri Bihari said that a team of ASI inspected the status of the outer part of the gemstone store of the 12th century temple.

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