What Is “Akshay Tritiya”..? Know More About It..

Akshay Tritiya or Akha Teej is called the third date of the Shukla party in Vaisakh month. According to mythological texts, all the auspicious works are done on this day, they get renewable results. This is why it’s called “Akshay Tritya”. This year, the date is falling on 18 April 2018. It is said that this day is said to be auspicious in Muhurt Shastra. Akshay Tritiya is also believed to be the birthday of Lord Parashuram, which is why it is also called Parashuram Teej. It is believed that on this day the good fortune of those who marry are unbroken. On this day, there is the law of doing special worship for Mahalakshmi’s happiness. It is said that on this day the wealth of Goddess Lakshmi is realized. Assuming Akshaya Tritiya as a great masterpiece, it is called the day giving Akshay, intact fruits.It is mentioned in the Skanda Purana and Vibhav Purana that Lord Vishnu was born in Parashuram with the third part of Vaishakh Shukla Party’s womb of mother Renuka. Parshuram Jayanti is celebrated with great fanfare on this date in Parshuram temples of Konkan and Chilun. Special significance is given to Parashuram Jayanti in South India. Due to Parshuram Jayanti, the story of the coming of Lord Parashuram is also heard in this date. On this day Parasurama ji worshiped and worshiped them as a great honor. Fortunately, women and khari girls give Gori-Puja on this day by distributing sweet, fruit and soaked gram, worshiping of Gauri-Parvati, donates water, fruit, flowers, sesame, food etc. in metal or clay pots. It is believed that on this day the birth of Kshatriya Bhrugwanshi Parasurama was born from Brahmin and Karma from birth. According to one legend, the devotee had changed Prasad while offering the offerings after worshiping the mother of Parshuram and Vishwamitra’s mother. With the effect of which Parasurama was a Brahmin, he was also of Kshatriya nature and after being a Kshatriya son, Vishwamitra Brahmarshi was also called. It is mentioned that at the time of Sita Swayam, Parashuram went to live his life as a monk by dedicating his bow arrow to Lord Rama. When he kept a fence with him, his name was Parashuram.

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