Why Should Not Be Broken Tulsi On Sunday Know What Is The Reason


Every day in Hindu religion is related to some gods and goddesses. Therefore, accordingly, the deity-god is worshiped. Muhurta is seen for auspicious work besides the day. It is said that the important work done in auspicious time is considered good. There is no problem in that work. With this, different offerings are offered to every god. Similarly, there is a belief associated with Tulsi that Tulsi should not be plucked on Sundays. Let’s know what is the reason behind this –

It is believed that on Sundays, Lord Vishnu is loved and Tulsi is considered to be the beloved of Lord Vishnu. Therefore, breaking the basil on this day is considered inauspicious. Lord Ganesh is credited with making Vishnu ji a favorite of Tulsi. In addition to breaking the Tulsi leaf, there are many assumptions about the use and use of it in worship. As soon as Tulsi plant should be planted on Thursday. Instead of putting it outside the house, you should put it in the courtyard of the house. Kartik month is considered as best for planting Tulasi.

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