Know The Nature Of Your Body, How To Live Your Fate

According to astrology, different types of human being speak a lot about his personality. False marks are hidden from toe to toe of fingers. Let’s know what your body parts are.


– The toe represents the person’s influence and his spiritual interest.

If the toe is bigger and taller then the person is simple and religious.

– If the toe of the toe is too long, the person is highly effective.

If the toe is too small then the person only worries about money and does not seem to harm others.

Hand fingers-

If the fingers of the fingers are long and thin then the person is artistic, it is simple, does not get much screw.

If the fingers are thick and hard, then the person has to struggle more and more, the speech of such people is very strict.

If the fingers are crooked, then the person gets rich wealth, but he has to face many problems with health.

If the fingers are nodal, then the person is more selfish than the need, only the money is kept in the balance.


– The ear ejaculation indicates a long life.

– By shortening the person’s life decreases, as well as signs of accidents.

– Having hair on the ears, the person reaches a lot of height from the smallest level and wins the long life.

If the ear flame is long, then the person is very effective, understands and plays relationships.


– If the hand nails are tall and beautiful, then the person is lucky.

– If the nails are crooked, then the person has to struggle a lot.

If the crescent is large on the nails, then the person is protected from diseases, if not, then the person suffers for a long time.

– On the nails, if white marks or points have become known, then report any disease.


If the eyebrows are thick, then the person’s nature is simple.

Know the fate of lips and teeth.

If the two eyebrows get bogged down, then the person is very angry, speech is not controlled.

If the eyebrows are torn, then the person has a lot of

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