National Electricity Department Cut The Connection Of The School In Rameshwaram

The great scientist and former President of the country, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, had stopped the electricity supply of his school in Rameswaram for two days. Due to lack of payment of the bill, the power department has cut the power of the school.

In the Mandapam Panchayat Union Middle School (No.1) of Rameswaram, Kalam studied up to the second class. The electricity department has taken this step after the local body has not paid the bill for two years. The deceased Missile Man was a resident of this island. It was elementary school decades ago.

Officials said that Panchayat Union had to pay a bill of Rs 10,500 per year. After not paying for two years, they have to stop idling. Officials of Panchayat Union said that the payment of dues will be done immediately and supply will be restored by Friday. In the school, Kalam inaugurated a library and computer room in January 2011. Students have to face difficulties since the power supply is shut down.

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