Unrecognised Madrasas Vedic Schools Students Maybe Considered Out Of School


Now, in the matter of selection of the school in relation to the education of children, you have to be cautious because the government can deny their studies to the unrecognised madarsa or Vedic school. Government will recognize such children that they do not go to school (Out of School). In this regard, the Human Resource Development Ministry (HRD) is going to take important policy decisions. According to the reports, the government is conducting a survey to identify such children who are studying in non-registered madarsa, gompa (Buddhist school) and Vedic schools, the efforts are made to bring such children into the mainstream education system. At present, there are a large number of non-recognized madarsas in the country who are associated with religious institutions. There are similar Vedic schools which teach children Mantras and Sanskrit books under primary education.

This suggestion has been included in the key recommendations of the Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE) sub-committee’s report. This report has recently been assigned to the Ministry. CABE is the biggest determinant of all subjects related to education. According to report, “A large number of children study in non-recognized schools / institutions. It may be that these schools are not giving regular or mainstream education to the children. In such cases, children studying in these institutions will be considered out-of-school even if they are being given regular education in these institutes.
It was added along with that, “It is extremely important that the centers providing such non-recognized institutions, madarsas, Vedic schools, Gompa and informal education centers should be identified and the children studying here should be considered out of school Out of school here means that such children who do not attend school in the eyes of the government.

Simultaneously, the Ministry is also going to set up a standard definition of ‘out-of-school’ children and they will also be included in all government databases. The committee has also proposed that once these children join the mainstream education system, their data will also be changed in the database and they will be considered as ‘In School’.
RTE madarsas will not apply to Vedic schools
Meanwhile, the government said on April 2 that the Right to Education Act (RTE) will not be applicable to madarsas, Vedic schools and other institutions offering religious education. In the written reply to the question of Kiran Kher in the Lok Sabha, Minister of State for Human Resource Development Upendra Kushwaha said that the Right to Education Act (RTE) was revised in 2012, it was clarified that children under the provisions of Article 29 and 30 of the Constitution Free and compulsory education will be provided to them. He said that this law will not be applicable to madarsas, Vedic schools and other institutions offering religious education.

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