Can Mangoes Make You Gain Weight..?Here’s The Proof

Holidays, a lazy afternoon and mango memories start getting fresh as summer season comes. But due to the amount of sugar present in the mango, it is considered as weight gain. In such a case, the mango lover often has a dilemma: Does the eating mangoes really increase the weight?
Sr. Nutritionist and Health Expert Soumya Shatakshi have told mango eating methods and things to remember during eating:

– Mango is not a complete diet but is rich in all the nutrients like Vitamin A, Iron, Copper and Potassium .
lot of Energy is gained by eating this fruit. It also provides abundant sugar to the body, which helps in increasing the body’s energy level. Eating it keeps getting energy all day long.

– It is a stock of Vitamin C, which increases the immunity of the body. There is also abundant fiber in it.

– Eating a lot of mangoes can also prove harmful to health.
About 150 calories are found in a medium sized mango. Taking excess calories will increase the weight.

– After eating the meal, calorie intake increases due to the normal meal. To avoid this, we can take mango in our morning and evening breakfast

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