Danger: More Than 5 Glasses Of Beer Per Week

Alcohol is harmful to the body. It also keeps the lever deteriorating as well as the risk of brain damage. But now a study has come to know that you can reduce your age by drinking more than five glasses of wine or beer in a week.

According to researchers, drinking more alcohol leads to menstruation, malignant aneurysm, heart attack and the risk of death.
Challenges are given to the assumptions that come in front of the facts that drinking a small amount of alcohol is beneficial for health. This gives a boost to Britain’s low alcohol consumption guidelines recently.

Anglo Wood of the University of Cambridge, UK said, “The important message of this research is that if you are already drinking alcohol then drinking less alcohol will help you to live longer days and you will be less threatened in many blood-related conditions. Will have to face ”
This study appeared in The Lancet Magazine. The study included approximately 600,000 people drinking alcohol in 19 countries of the world and their health and drinking habits were assessed. The people involved in the study were asked questions about age, smoking, history of diabetes, level of education and profession..

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