Know How Onion Is Very Helpful For Your Health…

Onions found in every kitchen are used all over the world. Due to putting it in any dish, its taste increases multiplied. There is hardly anybody who does not like the onion taste.

But the onions are not just doubling the taste of every dish. There are also many wondrous advantages. Since ancient times, onion is used in many ways throughout the world. Onions contain many medicinal properties. Even the World Health Organization has confirmed that the onion has many benefits. You also have a look at the benefits of onion in terms of health.

Vitamins and Minerals Store
Onion is found in natural sugars, vitamins A, C and E. Apart from this, minerals, sodium, potassium, iron and fiber are also found in it. In addition, folic acid is also found on the onion. Folic acid is particularly beneficial for women and babies in pregnancy.
Reduce the infections
Onions contain anti-biotic, anti-septic and anti-microbial substances which remove the infections occurring in the body. Onions also contain anti oxidants which reduce the toxic elements present in the body.

Are found phytochemical
Onion also contains phytochemical which increases vitamin C in the body and enhances immunity in our body. In this way the onion keeps you away from many diseases.

Blood flow
Chromium is also found on the onion which corrects blood circulation in the body and also controls the body sugar and cholesterol. Let you know that the cholesterol remains healthy by keeping the heart healthy.

Beneficial in summer
In the summer the onion is very beneficial. If you want to avoid Lu, take raw onions. This will not make you louder.

Pain relief
Onion juice is beneficial for bites of insects. Yes, onion juice gives great relief in irritation and pain. In addition, if you have pain in the ear, it is also less pain than putting 2, 3 drops of onion juice in the ear.

Beneficial in acidity
The problem of gas is enough relief in the consumption of onions. For this add one spoon of onion juice, 1 garlic, a little ginger, 1 teaspoon honey and 2 spoons of water. Prepare the mixture and take it once a day. This will give you great relief in gas.

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