Will Couples Lose Interest In Sex Within Three Months..?Look Here

1.To keep your relationship stable, you have to face many challenges, but the most challenging challenge is to maintain the passion between the two partners. Although it has been written and written several times about how people start losing interest in sex during the long-term relationship. Many researchers have also studied how and how quickly people start losing interest in sex and the results of this study are very interesting …
According to an open survey conducted by BMJ, Leading Medical Research Journal, 34 percent of women and 15 percent of men begin to lose interest in sex just after 3 months of being in a dedicated relationship.


2.During this survey, it was also revealed that if a partner’s interest in sex is decreasing in any relationship, then it also depends on the gender of that person. Researchers believe that while living in a committed relationship, women lose interest in sex more often than men.


3.The women involved in this survey have also told many reasons behind the lack of interest in sex. Most of them said that their sexual compatibility with partner was not good, due to which their libido decreased. Apart from this, there is no reason to avoid having a similar sexual relationship with partner and the likelihood of disliked sexual dislike is also involved in losing interest in sex.


4.Researchers also found that if there is a decrease in libido between couples in a serious relationship, then their growing age is also responsible. This means that as the age of couples increases their sexual attraction towards each other becomes less.
Experts believe that couples should try their best not to dominate the long-term relationship. Talking to each other should get information about each other’s likes and dislikes about sex, so that if there is a change in the sexual preference of a partner over time, then the other partner has no knowledge of it.


5.After living in a relationship for a long time, having a low interest in sex is a common problem. But instead of hiding this thing from partner, you should talk to the partner about it openly so that both partners are aware of this. When a problem starts, only if the solution is solved, the problem can be prevented from getting bigger.

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