April Fool 2018: How And Where It All Started, Learn History

1st April, this day is celebrated throughout the world as April Fool’s Day. On this day people fool each other with Funny pranks and play light-hearted Joke brings smiles on the faces of their loved ones. But very few people know why this day began to be celebrated and what is its relationship with 1st April ! Here we are telling you how this day began to be celebrated as April Fools’ Day.
Since when the April fool’s Day Started?
Many stories related to April Fools are popular. If one looks at history, on April 1, many happy incidents took place, which led to this day being celebrated as April Fool’s Day. In 1539, Flemish poet ‘De Deney’ wrote about a rich man who on April 1 sent his servants out for silly activities. On April 1, 1698, many people were deported to the Tower of London for “The washing of lions”. Writer Canterbury Tales (1392) wrote in one of his stories’ nun’s priest’s tale’, he wrote 30th March and 2dayswhich was printed as March 32 due to a mistake, which was actually a day of April 1. In this story an arrogant cock had fooled a driver fox. After this mistake, it was said that the fox fooled the cock on April 1st. At the same time, ‘Canterbury Tales (1392)’, a great writer of English literature, Geoffrey Chaucer, is the first such treatise where the relationship between April 1st and the idiot were mentioned.
There are so many such tales that due to which very funny work was done and plans were made on the first of April, due to which April 1 was celebrated April fools Day.


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