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Mary Kom Wins Gold In Womens Boxing In The 48 Kg Category… Commonwealth Games, held in Australia’s Gold Coast, is dominated by Indian players in 2018. Once again, the boxer Marie Com has given India another gold, while waving the country’s patch. Maricom won the gold medal in the 48 kg category boxing competition. In this way, so far, 18 gold medals have been received in India’s bag.

On Saturday, Marie Com took the gold of 45-48 kg weight category competition for women boxing on Saturday, on the 10th day of the 21st Commonwealth Games. This legendary boxer won the medal in Commonwealth Games for the first time by defeating Christina O Hara of England in the final by 5-0.

Mary Kom showed patience in the first round and waited for opportunities. They also got opportunities that they roasted well with their punch. Mary Kom was making good use of her left jab. Mary Corrum was gradually becoming aggressive.
In the second round, Mary Com continued her own style. Kristina was trying to do the same thing but her punch was missing. At the same time, Mary Kom became more aggressive with moving forward and now she was also using her left hook with jab. Now he used pressure from Christina on good use of his footwork.

In the third and final round, Christina also became aggressive and was giving a good fight to the world champion of five times, but Mary Com won her keeping her defense strong.

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