Donald Trump Controversial Comments On Immigrants

US President Donald Trump said that he would be happy to see immigrants entering US legally. The official transcript of his speech at ‘State of the Union’ Annual address said: “I want people to come into our country, but they have to come in legally.” These comments have contradicted his government’s stand on immigration policy. Donald Trump ordered for a 40% cut in legal immigration and also passed orders to send back thousands of legal foreigners from the nations hit by war and natural disasters. the latest statement by Donald Trump has given a new ray of hope for Indian IT employees. On other hand, to curb the illegal entry of people from other nations, Trump said he will finish the building of US-Mexico border wall at any cost. further stated that US must take the duty to protect its citizens, legal immigrants and their jobs with a potential immigration policy. For having secured a seat in a fake University, around 129 Indian students were detained in US and sent out a caution to illegal immigrants over the unlawful presence in United States.

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