EU-China Ties Can Underpin Global Stability New Envoy Says

EU-China relations should become the cornerstone in international affairs, the EU’s new ambassador to China said Friday, as the US retreats from the world stage and trade friction with its partners continue.

The three largest economic powers in the world – the European Union, China and the US – represent a triangle and “the urgency is to strengthen the foundation of the triangle, which I think is Europe-China,” Ambassador Nicolas Chapuis told reporters in Beijing.

A “redistribution of power is taking place today” and amid the current shifting global situation, “Europe and China must be building blocs of stability and prosperity,” the  Frenchman went on.

“The EU and China can do a lot to alleviate the disruptions we are seeing in trade and the global economy,” he added, declaring that he was “here for action, for joint action, and increasing the pace of joint action.”

Chapuis echoed European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, who in his State of the Union address on Wednesday said that “Europe’s hour” has come and called for the EU to be a “global player” as well as a “global payer.” Chapuis stressed that he had hit the ground running, arriving in Beijing on Sunday before presenting his credentials to Chinese leadership on Monday.

Three EU commissioners and two delegations from the EU parliament are due to visit China next week, the ambassador added, while more are expected in November for events including the China International Import Expo in Shanghai.

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