Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Said Sorry To Modi But Why..?

Former Prime minister Manmohan Singh, who does not usually get into hard-hitting criticism, did it almost for the first time on Modi, a few months back. Manmohan called Modi a ‘disaster’ for India and now he regrets being ‘harsh’ with his comments and admits that he should not have used those words. that Manmohan’s government was being ‘remote-controlled’ by Sonia Gandhi, the former PM denied them. Though he doesn’t agree with Modi’s policies on demonetization and other decisions regarding the revenue, Manmohan said that the relationship between the government and RBI were strained and he stressed the need for coordination between them. Manmohan condemned the unparliamentary words used by Modi against the opposition leaders and also said the latter has been ‘misusing’ the post of prime minister. because the party and government were on the same page and they refrained the differences in opinion.

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