Gemini Ganesan Controversial Life..Look Here

people know him as Rekha’s father but Gemini Ganesan is much much more than that. Here’s all you need to know about him. Rekha initially shared a painful relationship with her father, for Gemini never married her mother and she is a love child. However, things got better with time and now they share a rather cordial and warm relationship. What is interesting to know, they never talk to each other and Rekha once said, certain relations are beyond special and they don’t need words to be described. Well, we wish Mr Ganesan a very Happy Birthday, Gemini Ganesan wanted to be a doctor. TR Alamelu promised him a medical seat after graduation and in return offered to marry his daughter. Gemini agreed and married Alamelu in 1940 Alamelu’s father passed away just a month after their marriage and Ganesan’s dream of becoming a doctor was shattered. couple have four daughters together Revathi Swaminathan, Kamala Selvaraj, Narayani Ganesh and Jaya Shreedhar. Gemini Ganesan entered the film industry and became one of the most popular Tamil actors of his time Soon he had met the stunningly beautiful Pushpavalli and was acting with her in the film Miss Malini (1947). Ganeshan was soon head over heels in love her. It was hard for Mr Ganesan to face his family and apparently, the two eventually decided to have a secret wedding at Tirupati. In 1954, Gemini Ganesan and Pushpavalli were blessed with a small bundle of joy whom they named Bhanurekha, now known as Rekha. But rumours spread like wildfire that she was the Gemini Ganesan’s illegitimate child. Very few people knew that he had secretly married Pushpavalli as he hadn’t left his first wife, Alamelu. Gemini and Pushpavalli had three more children. Bhanurekha being the eldest was a child who had every right to grow up as a star kid. But just then, news of Gemini and Pushpavalli breaking up came about. the young Rekha was thus deprived of her father’s love. Rumour has it that Gemini Ganesan did not acknowledge Rekha or his other kids from Pushpavalli when they were children. Pushpavalli, on her part, tried to make a happy home for her children, playing mother and father to them. Bhanurekha was very attached to her mother as she was the only parent she knew. At the same time, it also made her an introvert, who was happy to live in her own world. Rekha was just 10 years old when her father was in the limelight again for his alleged affair with Telugu actress Savitri. Rekha, hurt by this news, receded further into a shell. She transformed herself into a tomboy as a teenager, climbing trees being one of her favourite pastimes! She didn’t interact with many of her classmates at school, preferring to spend time on her own in the school chapel ’60s, the south Indian industry witnessed more Gemini-Savitri movies and the couple became a hit pair onscreen. This was also the time Rekha’s mother Pushpavalli, went through a patch of ill health. She could not work further to support her family and her children. Rekha, being the eldest, had no option but to drop out of school when she was 14 years old to financially support her family. Rekha chose to embrace acting and became the only one in the family to follow in her parents’ footsteps, not by choice but by circumstance. Ganesan secretly married Telugu actress Savitri. Both of them kept their marriage under wraps for three years. Ganesan and Savitri soon became a hit onscreen pair. They have two kids together, Vijaya Chamundeswari and Sathish Kumar. Gemini Ganesan passed away in March 2005. He is survived by seven daughters and a son. His children are Revathi Swaminathan, Kamala Selvaraj, Narayani Ganesh, Jaya Shreedhar, Rekha, Radha Usman Syed, Vijaya Chamundeswari and Sathish Kumaar Ganesan.

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