Indian Cricket Batsmen KL Rahul Fires On Koffee With Karan Controversy Look Here

Koffee with Karan controversy, cricketer KL Rahul spoke for the first time to media on his afterlife. Both KL Rahul and Hardik Pandya went into trouble after their sexist comments on the show. The public was outraged over the cricketers’ misogynistic statements and their personal lives.the players are now back in the game. Rahul gave a score of 47 and 50 in his last matches.

He has interacted with the media and said, “It was a hard time no doubt. Everyone has to go through difficult times and it was my time to go through that and, like I said, it gave me time to reflect on my game and on myself”.He also said that the whole controversy episode has changed him a lot as a person. “It has humbled me a little bit and you know, respect the opportunity that I have gotten to play for the country. The dream of every kid is to play for the country and I am no different. value where I am, just to keep making opportunities count and put my head down and keep working on my cricket.further went on saying that he could get some quality time for himself to recorrect what was wrong with him and also spent time with coach Rahul Dravid who helped him to work on his game skills. He believed everything happens for good and he is glad to realize this in his early international career.

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