Is This The Reason Why PM Modi Avoided Tollywood..?

We are talking about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s meeting with cinema stars and the discussion about it on social media. With Modi meeting just Bollywood people to discuss about GST on tickets and other things related to films, one wonders if he has conveniently forgotten the other big film industries like Telugu and Tamil.

Tollywood is the one that produces films (quantity) in near equal number to that of Bollywood. And the market is so big that today Hindi’s biggest hit is Telugu film Baahubali. shouldn’t Modi and his team make sure that they will be meeting Southern film industry biggies who are right now creating tremors in Bollywood as well? Many netizens are opining that this is the kind of justice always North based politicians do to the South, from a long time. felt that Modi’s meeting are only propaganda to win the support of film stars for BJP’s election campaign. he knows clearly that no south state in India is going to fall in his trap, he simply avoided meeting them. We have to see if BJP people will respond to this.

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