ITBP Report Reveals….

China infiltrated 35 times in 30 days
China is infiltrating the border with India. Aaj Tak has an ITBP report that informs that China has infiltrated most in Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh in the last one month. In the last 30 days, China’s army crossed the LAC 35 times. Chinese troops returned after ITBP protested.Azatak has a report of ITBP, according to which China had infiltrated a 14 kilometer border area via the car at 7 AM in DBO, Northern Ladakh this month. The Chinese soldiers returned after the ITBP came forward.China’s PLA infiltrated infiltration into the tragic highway in Ladakh. According to the ITBP report, two Chinese helicopters infiltrated at 8.30 am in the track junction of Ladakh on March 18, March 21, March 24 and March 30, two times in 8 kilometers. This helicopter went to Burtse in Ladakh and stayed in the air space of about 18 kilometers of India. China infiltrated the helicopter and violated the airspace of India, on which ITBP protested.the ITBP to the Home Ministry, the Chinese army had entered the city on March 29 and March 30 within four kilometers of Asphila area of Arunachal Pradesh.On March 22, at the Ditu of Arunachal, Chinese soldiers arrived at LAC crossing 250 meters Indian border at 6:10. After the assassination of the ITBP, the Chinese soldiers returned after a few hours. On 28 March, they went back after entering the Indian border for 19 kilometers in Despang area of Ladakh. Not only this, the Chinese army helicopter entered the Indian airspace three times in the last 17 days.ITBP has informed the Home Ministry that China has consistently infiltrated in Depsang area of Ladakh. On 17 March, 22 March, 23 March, 28 March and 1 April, China has infiltrated the region of Depsang from 10 to 19 kilometers.on March 21 last year, four Chinese Army helicopters were seen in Trig Highway in Ladakh and in Despang area, which had entered 17 kilometers inside the Indian border.On 27th March, two Chinese army helicopters were once again seen in Ladakh, where they entered the air border from Thakung Post in the Indian border about half a kilometer. The Chinese Army infiltrated in India several times in the last few days at the Pangang Sleep in Ladakh.Trig High of Ladakh, and this area of Deposang is a place of strategic importance for India. So China lives in an attempt to dominate and infiltrates repeatedly. The important wealth of India in this area is Beg Oldi Airfield, on which China is in constant danger of tracking through intrusion.

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